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Month: May 2016

Lesson 013 – Intro to Custom TableView Cells

In this lesson, we extend what we learned in Lesson 008 about UITableViews and learn to make our applications a little more custom by defining custom [...]

Lesson 012 – Intro to Protocols

One of the challenges with writing code is planning for the future. You know what things need to do now (or at least you think you do) and you can work on [...]

Lesson 011 – Intro to Extensions

Back in Lesson 006, we took a look at classes. Classes and Structs give us a lot of flexibility in making our program operate. They offer us a way to [...]

Lesson 010 – Intro to Navigation

So far, in our iOS adventures, we've only been making applications that have one screen. That isn't normal for an application, however. If you think of most [...]

Lesson 009 – Intro to Optionals

So far, we've come up against Optionals a few times in our lessons. As we do more and more with UIKit and our iOS apps, we will see it more and more. It is [...]