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Month: June 2016

Swift 2.3 Update

Swift 2.3 was released on June 12, 2016. While Swift 3 was announced at WWDC the next day, it still isn't in its final form, so I won't cover those changes [...]

Lesson 020 – POSTing to a REST API

Introduction Back in Lesson 015, we took a look at what you need to do in order to make HTTP Requests against a REST API. In that example, we only made a [...]

Lesson 019 – Defer

When you are writing applications for mobile devices, being a good steward of resources is important. When you are through using objects or resources, you [...]

Lesson 018 – Guard

In our Introduction to Error Handling, we saw some ways to trap error conditions in our programs. However, the goal there is to control program flow when [...]

Lesson 017 – Revisiting Error Handling for Lesson 015

Introduction Back in Lesson 015, we made a simple call to a REST API. At the time, we cheated in handling one of the errors that could occur. Take a look [...]