About the Site

I get it. Some people think it is stupid to call programmers ninjas, pirates, or rock stars. But, you know what? I like ninjas. I’ve always liked ninjas. I used to watch bad 80’s ninja movies when I was a kid and then run around the neighborhood with a black t-shirt tied on like a mask. So when it came time to give this site a name, ninjas are always first up. Gotta be true to myself 😉

I’ve created this site to help people learn Swift from the ground up. I’m starting from the basics and working my way to advanced topics. I’ll be posing short-form blogs, long-form blogs, and videos. I’m going to try to present each topic in the best way that I can twice a week.

Some of you are just beginning and you can work through the posts, oldest to newest. Others of you will find the site because a particular post solves an issue that you were having. I’m happy to help in whatever way that I can. All of the code is free-as-in-beer and available at this site’s GitHub repository.

About the Author

On here, I’m The Swift Ninja, but in real life I go by Pete Shearer. I’ve been a professional software developer with experience dating back to 1998. I’m currently an independent software developer and doing a lot of work in Architect and Senior Developer roles. My starting point was the Microsoft stack and I definitely still have a lot of love for that stack, especially recently.

However, starting from when I got my first iPhone, I was interested in creating apps for the device. Then, when Apple announced Swift at WWDC in 2014, I was excited to have a chance to get in on something on the ground floor. Then, as I examined the language, I grew more excited for the possibilities. I blogged about Swift on a general purpose blog and I made some screencasts, but I wanted to do something more focused to help the community. Thus, this blog was born.