Lesson 001 – Variables

In this video tutorial, I show you how to get started with the very basics of Swift. First, I show you where to download XCode 7.3 so that you can install it and have your Swift environment ready. Something I didn’t mention in the video, but Apple has made OS X El Capitan a requirement for XCode 7.3, so you will have to have El Capitan to follow along exactly. There isn’t anything in this video too far out from previous versions, but I wanted to give fair warning.

Next, we explore XCode Playgrounds and then take a look at some introductory Swift syntax to get you ready to move on through these lessons.

(Make sure to watch in full screen and click the gear icon to set the video quality to its highest level so the text is as legible as possible)

Here is the link for the GitHub repo.

If you do the homework, be sure to comment and/or share your code with me.

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