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Lesson 023 – Adding an iOS Launch Screen

In this lesson, I show how easy it is to add a Launch/App Loading screen to your iOS application. I also spend a little time explaining the details of how the [...]

Lesson 014 – Intro to Custom TableView Cells, the Remix

In our last lesson, we created a custom cell for our table view. There was nothing inherently wrong with the steps we took to do it, but there are times when [...]

Lesson 013 – Intro to Custom TableView Cells

In this lesson, we extend what we learned in Lesson 008 about UITableViews and learn to make our applications a little more custom by defining custom [...]

Lesson 008 – Intro to UITableView

In this lesson, we take a look at how to make a simple UITableView appear in our application. We will show how to populate it and how to respond to simple [...]

Lesson 007 – Our First iOS App

This lesson continues our instruction from the SwiftNinja.io blog. In this video, we create our first Swift iOS App from scratch, laying out some UI elements [...]