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Swift Language LogoThe goal of this blog is to help teach the Swift programming language to anyone that wants to learn it. It is my goal to make everything as accessible as possible to as many people as possible.

I plan to release a new blog post every Tuesday and Thursday and build in an additive manner. I will start at the very beginning using the current tools (Swift 2.2 and XCode 7.3 presently). Each post, I will share something new building on what we’ve already learned. I plan on not only posting text-based posts, but also posting video tutorials as well. In addition, all of the code on this site will be in a GitHub repository and is completely free-as-in-beer open source. You can take, use, and modify the code however you see fit.

As new versions of Swift and XCode are released, I will address changes to anything we have already covered when the release comes out. Any changes that will break the code I have already written will be updated in the GitHub repository as I catch them, so the repository is always the best place to stay up to date. Pull requests are also welcome if you find any code that is broken.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out through the comments on this blog.

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